Live Art Syndicate

Since July 2015 I've made two National Lottery related pieces of work. The first Luck at Tom Thumb Theatre saw me buy 300 scratch cards from sweet shops in Margate in an attempt to win my Nan £5,000 stolen from her by fraudsters (check the video out here). The second with Live Art Development Agency later that year allowed me to buy £1000 worth of Lotto tickets, the winnings to fund live art projects in the UK (video here). I failed at both attempts to win and made a book from the losing tickets instead.

My third and final attempt to win big is the Live Art Syndicate. From Saturday 8th April 2016 until Saturday 1st April 2017, 25 artists will collaborate as a gambling collective in the Live Art Syndicate.

Over 52 weeks they'll each bet £2 a week on the Lotto (Saturday draw only). The group will have 25 attempts to win big each week, 1,300 attempts throughout the syndicate lifetime.

On 2nd April 2017 the winnings will be equally distributed, each artist will then creatively document how their earnings are spent.

The Rules:

  • Live Art Syndicate is an open submission project led by syndicate manager Scottee

  • Each participating artist must be 16 or over and physically located in the UK or Isle of Man

  • Applicants must be a practising artist who makes live work

  • Each artist will need to contribute £104 to the syndicate (payment schedule: £52 due on 26th March 2016, £52 due on 24th September 2016)

To apply please send your legal name, address, D.O.B and explanation of how you would spend the winnings in under 140 characters to Closing date for submissions: 16th March. Selected artists will be notified by email shortly afterwards, unlucky artists will be sent an email with the subject title of ‘Loser’.


Image by Holly Revell | Thanks to Ellie Harrison for her help on this!


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