As some of you might have noticed I no longer roll around the floors of East End nightclubs, after a decade of throwing my weight around I’m now wearing oversized, bias cut blouses and pashminas adorned with Moroccan mint tea bags for that ‘I work in the arts’ look. Speaking to my mate Rhyannon yesterday we both realised we had said what we needed to in that precious world and it was time for new adventures. However, this doesn’t mean I’m not going to put on camp knees up’s in grotty south London gay bars.

A lot of the things I’m currently making are for art institutions, community centres and pubs and are what people with funding called ‘engaged’ – meaning if real people are in it you are all of a sudden quite trendy. All of my projects require people to engage with them: past flames telling a psychotherapist what they think of me, 30 young women from St. Helens frightening their families, my Grandad learning how to be an artist – they all require a bit of effort from what people in the 90’s used to call ‘the general public’.

The next three years are no different – there are some projects I hope you will be in and some I hope you will help make. Below are a list of ways you can be part of the process across lots of different projects – get involved you bunch of weirdos, its not the same without you.

Masculinity – a Public Discussion – we’re getting round the table to talk about my least favourite subject, maleness. https://www.facebook.com/events/1159957554023980/

Bravado Research – I’m looking for your admissions or recollections of male aggression for a touring stage show. http://goo.gl/forms/NW8ZtwDF3k

Working Class Queerness – next week I’m talking at NPG about representation of working class queers in the collection. Come down, make some noise and sneer at paintings of posh people. http://www.npg.org.uk/whatson/late-shift-1/in-conversation-05052016.php

Cabaret Workshop – our one day workshop is aimed at those wanting to make pop song length performance for the variety and cabaret scene - https://www.facebook.com/events/1671311593130587/

Got some views on the EU? Fancy drawing or writing your thoughts on the back of an envelope? Email your submission to elena@scottee.co.uk for our EU Ref debates that are soon to be announced.

Living in Wales and queer? Get in touch – info@scottee.co.uk

Costume Designer – We’re looking for a costume designer based in London. This opportunity is specifically for those from BAME backgrounds in recognition of the fact these makers are currently underrepresented in contemporary theatre. Email molly@scottee.co.uk with images/links of past work.

Seeking professional help – we’re looking to meet people with letters after their name who specialise in domestic violence, army/military training, multiculturalism, class, sociology and corporate finance analysis. molly@scottee.co.uk

Online Survey – Your chance to win a pair of tickets, a party bag and some bevvys to our NYE knees up simply answering a few questions… http://goo.gl/forms/2U5edw97KP


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