Are Fat Men *Just* Funny?

From James Corden to Danny DeVito, Johnny Vegas to Matt Lucas – in show business the fat guy is often the funny one, but still no one wants to sit next to a fatty on the bus.

I've been described as ‘larger than life’, ‘bubbly’ and ‘cuddly’ – all of which annoy me greatly. Most people think I'm a comedian, people refuse to believe I'm an artist – this also annoys me. People also think its a bit strange I don't wear black smocks or plaid shirts, like the other fat gays - fat people are expected to behave like the headless torsos you see waddle down high streets on the news.

So, with this in mind I'm gathering my favourite fat friends at BAM to chair a discussion about blokes with bellies, finding out what makes them funny. Join us for a dinner party discussion whilst we chew the fat on fetishisation, emasculation and demonising of fat men. Part of Being a Man 2016 | Get your Sunday pass here


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