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Fellow Weirdos,

If you've been living away from social media, local radio stations, lefty press and niché London TV channels you may have missed the fact I opened a new show at Roundhouse this week - Putting Words in Your Mouth.

Last night was press night - a notoriously nervy night for theatrical types. Strange affairs in which the 'them' are invited in to judge your wares. For the first time as a director with no onstage role I found myself in the forth row holding every muscle together incase it might just help the show get over the 3 star mark - the barometer of decent work.

After the show I downed an apple juice and two fizzy waters, tried to avoid being told what people thought of it and took my flowers to the chip shop for a midnight feast for the soul.

This morning I woke to find that some respected folk from the 'them' also liked it. Not going to lie, my shoulders dropped and the swish returned to my walk.

Below are the first batch of reviews - they include spoilers but how could they not?!

But it's not just about the reviewers. Some lovely nice things from twitter...

As have these lot who saw the first ever sharing...

Show runs until 3rd December - dates are now starting to sell out!

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