After almost five years of insulting the front row, my onstage sisters Japans People scaring the back row, a ton of glitter slash, numerous typewriters and three suitcases it’s time to wave goodbye to Camp.

First airing in 2012 at Roundhouse’s Circus Fest, Camp was an exploration into my penchant for light entertainment. Before this I’d been covering myself in tomato ketchup and vomiting so people assumed I was inspired by performance art - in fact the telly, variety and those who came before me was and will always be my greatest inspiration.

Camp is a knees up; a night of left field turns suitable for your Mum, badges with my face on, skilful skipping, amateur opera and naff catchphrases. It’s played festivals, community centres, proper fancy theatres, forgotten theatres, art centres and glorified tents in its time and I’m proud of what its achieved.

In some places its given me the platform to then return and make bigger more challenging work I seem to be set on annoying the British public with. In others it’s allowed me to spend time with Nans and Mums.

For most, Camp was the first piece of work they saw me do – reviewers wrote it off as cabaret so rarely gave it the attention I thought it deserved. The art wankers thought it too populist, the trendy gays thought it too old fashioned but it still drew a crowd of cabaret weirdo’s, hateful homosexualists and that estate agent who came every time it was on.

Camp NYE has become our tradition to ending the year – a glimpse in to the sort of things I enforced on my family by being charge of NYE aged 8 – 12. Balloon drops, silly shows and party hats – it’s a naff night out fuelled by bubbles. As Camp NYE this year is celebrating the dead it feels only right that my beloved project be killed off too. We’ve sold out four runs at Roundhouse, did a national tour and made you do the conga for three years running with Camp NYE – it’s time to think of other ways of feeling like I’m in a Judy Garland film.

Camp NYE is your last chance to see me wearing that pink fluffy coat, allowing me to perhaps bring other projects back from the dead - ohhhh! We open from 8pm, bottles of plonk are £20 before 10pm! If you are coming as a group of 5 or more you can use the discount code RIP for cheaper tickets! See you on the dance floor? I’ll be wearing black.

Tickets from £20 here –


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