Live Art Living Room

The local theatres in Southend think Scottee’s work is “very community” and have stopped answering their fax machines. Instead of sulking he is opening up his living room for four nights of award winning queer performance!

Live Art Living Room showcased four very brilliant bits of performance from some the world's leading show offs. You and 20 other Southenders are invited to sit on the sofa and be entertained - a bit like Britain’s Got Talent but less exploitative.

You won’t know what you’re coming to see until you are in Scottee’s living room but we promise each artist has won awards for their work, they are likely to have more instagram followers than you and they will be able to drink you under the table.

See you on the sofa. X


Tickets are free, by invitation only. Supported by Arts Council England and Southend Council's 125th Anniversary Fund


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