Queer Peterborough

In 2015 Peterborough was listed as being one of the UK’s worst locations for online homophobia*, the city does not have a dedicated LGBTQIA* space and for a city with a population of over 183,000 I want to find out why. Today I begin a year long residency at Metal Peterborough to create, curate, develop and encourage queer and trans* cultural events, community dinners and performances. The residency will also include a temporary eco-commune for queer artists living, growing, thinking and making together - more on that next month!

To launch the Queer Peterborough project I'm inviting the people of Peterborough and the surrounding areas to join me for a takeaway and a bevvy at Metal. Over food we will ask what life is like for LGBTQIA* people in the city, question if the city is homophobic and/or transphobic and attempt to answer some questions you have about the community. Is Peterborough a safe place for LGBTQI* community? Do you feel safe in your own city? Is there any equality left to fight for? Saturday 24th June 5pm For more information - http://www.metalculture.com/event/is-peterborough-homophobic/

Everyone is welcome to this free event - including your homophobic Nan.


*source: http://www.ditchthelabel.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Cyberbullying-and-hate-speech.pdf


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