Pride London Weekend

Hey Weirdos,

As you know this year has been given the catch title of ‘50th Year Since Partial Decriminisation of Sex Between Men in England & Wales’

It means everyone has gone gay ...and the other letters of the acromyned community. Amongst the celebrations, ever the party pooper I have two major events on Pride London weekend that I want you to know about.

Belonging - 7th July - London

50 years since the Sexual Offenses Act the lives of queer people are perceived to be very different – equal age of consent, equality law and equal marriage are all heralded as progressive markers in LGBTQIA* equality but has the UK become a queer friendly nation or are homophobic prejudices just as prevalent?

Belonging is a public debate with poncy performance on the eve of London Prdie. Chaired by Scottee featuring Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, Shon Faye, Chardine Taylor-Stone and Travis Alabanza they will explore where queer people sit in our society.

A boozy, loose-tongued version of Question Time with less middle aged, middle class white men.


You Are Not Alone - 8th July - Southend

To celebrate the launch of You Are Not Alone - a new temporary commission by Southend-based artist Scottee. Installed on both sides of the railway bridge spanning the width of Southend High Street, the commission will be visible for half a mile along the town’s main thoroughfare. To launch this new artwork, Focal Point Gallery and Scottee invite you to a queer performance knees up starring some of the top radical artists of LGBTQIA* culture in the UK. Performers include: Scottee, Lucy McCormick, Nando Messias, Shit Theatre, Russella, T*Bitch, Joshua Ruthless, E15 Queers + more TBA

Anti-drag, trans*noise and pancakes are intertwined with queer hair do’s and short performances.

**1/2 price train tickets - available from London to Southend - see ticket link below**



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