Queer Commune

As part of Planet B festival, from the 7th - 12th August three caravans will claim their place on Metal Peterborough'’s car park. Inside them six queer artists will live, work and make together - they include Elena Colman, Chardine Taylor Stone, James Unsworth, Vijay Patel, Michael Segalov and Scottee. Each artist will trade their art or skills for home grown fruit and vegetables to feed the group. They will also have to trade enough work or labour to provide for 120 local people who are invited to dinner at the commune car park on alternate nights.

The commune will be open to the public from 8am - 8pm each day - so if you're local drop in for a cuppa, some free art and punchy conversation. All artists phones, laptops and digital media are only allowed to be charged using solar power. A record of their waste, visitors and food consumption will be recorded and shared daily.

Can queer people lead the way in living sustainably? Can queer people start the conversations others are unable to have?

Fancy coming for dinner to find out?

What Housing Crisis // Monday 7th August // 7pm

Social housing, right to buy schemes, homelessness, homeowners, travellers, luxury flats and property developers. SOLD OUT

Bored of Brexit? // Wednesday 9th August // 7pm Will we ever like each other again?


Should we Stop Having Children? // Friday 11th August // 7pm

With food poverty, global warming and our oceans full of plastic we ask - is it time we stopped having children?


Is Peterborough Good or Bad? // Saturday 12th August // TBA

A tea party for young people and children asking them what sort of world they'd like to grow up in - a poor world? A rich world? Or a happy world?


We need home grown vegetables! We need volunteers! We will exchange your efforts with art for your living roomS!

Can you help? EMAIL US

Queer Commune is part of Planet B festival, commissioned by PECT, produced by Scottee, Metal & Queer Peterborough


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