Pride in Peterborough?

Over the last 6 months I have been in residence at Metal Peterborough, creating work under the project title 'Queer Peterborough' - you can read about my work in the city here. During my year long residency my aim is to help create and curate LGBTQIA* stuff in the area. So far I have held a community dinner for local LGBTQIA* folk to tell me what they think (link), created a queer commune with 6 queer artists (video below) and brought my current show Bravado to the city. My work with the city has already been seen, experienced and witnessed by 400 local people!

Many of the people I have met have asked why the city doesn’t have a Pride event - I want to know why people think a Pride event might solve their problems. I want to see who might put themselves forward to help make it happen, where might this new version of Pride be held? Who will it be for?

Do you live in or around Peterborough? Fancy helping me work out what a Pride in Peterborough might look like?

Are you dead against the idea? Do you really want it to happen?

COME TALK TO ME! I'll exchange your time for a hot toddy (or hot chocolate) and sweet things!

5pm-6.30pm on Saturday 4th November at Metal Chauffeurs Cottage, St Peters Road, Peterborough, PE1 1YX Space is limited so we encourage you to book a place by emailing


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