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Scottee’s work often comes in camouflage. Its flippancy conceals its fight. It’s how he reaches people. - Matt Trueman, Guardian

I’m an independent artist and activist based in Essex, working across UK.

I didn't train to be an artist, I was expelled from school at 13 yrs old and was never put back into education, I never went to uni - I am making all of this up as I go along.

I make punchy theatre shows - they have covered class, gender, politics, confession, fatness, addiction, violence and abuse. I also make socially engaged projects - from hot tubs for best mates, queer drag clubs for children, occupation of male space, turned my Grandad into an artist to tackle ageism, queer eco-communes, talent shows for fat radicals and queer performance gigs in my living room for my neighbours. I also create public interventions - commuter cards promoting body positivity, mouthy blogs, pub talks in Yorkshire about the patriarchy, queer badges, community centre takeovers, Radio 4 documentaries, DIY podcasts and takeaway dinners discussing the contentious with local communities.

I throw my toys out the pram, get ideas above my station and put myself in sticky situations to attempt to destabilise privilege and power whilst radicalising those affected by oppressions. I try to keep my work financially accessible, often it happens in places where this sort of thing hasn’t happened before, in buildings that don’t usually house projects like mine.

I receive no core funding to stay afloat unlike many of the arts organisations you may be aware of or support. I employ four people to keep the machine going, meet demand and stop me from burning out. Everyone is paid just 2 days a week. I work 5 days a week for a 2 day a week salary. I rely on teaching gigs, project by project funding, workshops, generosity of others and the flogging my wares to survive.

As the world prepares to throw itself over a stack of flat screen here’s 5 ways you can support me to last longer, do more and keep going... 1. Buy A Print! Free P&P Today Only!

Today you can get your hands on my 2017 editioned print without P&P! Use code ‘POST’

2. Patreon!

I create content, essays, gossip, blogs, free tickets, advance painting sales, VIP hangouts and more for my Patreon weirdos. From as little as the price of one coffee per month you can support me!

3. Make a One Off Donation to My Company!

Perhaps you’ve got a spare tenner you’d like to make sure goes on the good stuff. We are currently fundraising for work with queer communities outside of the queer capitals, fat men and their emasculation, working class identity and poverty tourism, queer circus artists exploring the risk their bodies are subjected to and more!

4. Buy A Ticket!

Every NYE we throw a knees up for the wraiths and strays of queer culture. The money we raise from this goes straight back into the work we do in the first quarter of every year! Its how we survive the winter! Come have a laugh with us and 350 other weirdos!

5. Notepad Warrior! Do The Workshop!

I do an online workshops for artists, thinkers, makers and fakers. For as little as £10 a week you can be given the tools to make your own DIY projects, to think politically or just a fun exercise in making stuff up that might never see the light of day!

However, I know money is a bastard and none of these may be options available to you. Instead might give me some time - you might read my blogs and contribute to my thinking or invite your friends to follow me on social media to bolster my reach. You might just give me some encouragement - which would be really well received this week.

Whatever you do, whatever you don’t - thanks for considering.

Fatty. x


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