To mark ten years of survival as a show off, loud mouth and artist I’ve collaborated with LADA on a very special publication that looks back on my body of work! A decade of stuff that includes performance, Live Art, cabaret, nightclubs, pop ups, knees ups, theatre shows, projects, fine art, public artworks and international touring!

Scottee: I Made It. is me, on paper as a maker, thinker, faker and do-er. It’s full of brilliant contributions from some of my faves including Bryony Kimmings, Travis Alabanza, Kelly Green, Patrick Fox, Charlotte Cooper, Selina Thompson, Ashleigh Owen, Munroe Bergdorf, Michael Segalov, Lois Weaver, Ben Walters, Chris Goode, and Sarah Gallagher (my mum).

The book is a show, obviously. A show in five acts - each exploring one of the major themes in my work since I first started throwing myself about stages in 2008 - campness, class, fatness, survival and activism.

“Scott has had to work this hard throughout his career. That class is one of the reasons why he has created such a volume of work and still be so young. He has no GCSE’s. His parents couldn’t help him financially nor did they hold the cultural or social knowledge of the art world to hand him. He didn’t have a choice but to make art, because it was the only thing he found he was good at” - Bryony Kimmings

Masterfully edited by long term supporter, friend and extremely talented individual Jen Harvie who has turned my turns into something coherent. There's gorgeous design by Alexander Innes - Alex has been responsible for all the artwork associated with my projects since 2012. He has turned this book of rants, ideas, essays and whatsapp conversations into a thing of beauty.

There's a heap of images in there too - they have largely come from the archives of James Unsworth and Holly Revell. If you fancy seeing me with my kit off or want to critique my make up skills in 2009 then this is the book for you!

“Maybe the thing I love most about Scottee is how unbelievably hard he works. Initially I put that down to his personal ambition. (Nothing wrong with that.) But in the light of the work he’s done subsequently, I see something else.” - Chris Goode

I think the power in this book is that it demonstrates how to get in the back door, how to do it if you don’t come from it, how to make it up as you go along, how to keep going against the grain and how to survive off little and turn the bullshit thrown at you into a protest.

“Scottee feels vulnerable in his own body. As his mother I am very aware of the crap he deals with on a daily basis and it upsets me, but again Scottee has turned his ‘disaster’ into amazing works and projects. Would he have achieved this without all the shit that he’s had to put up with?” - Sarah Gallagher, My Mum.


Scottee: I Made It is published by LADA, edited by Jen Harvie and designed by Alexander Innes.


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