Bleeps + Bloops | Manchester

In 2009 an app made its way on the the smart phones of queers, fags and femmes that began to change the cultural landscape of queer communities across the world.

After a decade of much scrutiny, ostracisation, a plethora of other apps thrown into the mix and the accusation that they had all contributed to the erasure of queer space we're embarking on a new audio project measuring the effects our digital lives have had on our health, well being, friendships and futures.

Over a week Scottee & Friends Ltd. Associate Director Matty May will live, work and play in and around Canal Street aka Manchester's Gay Village. Matty has had a long and sometimes difficult relationship with the bleeps and so with the support of Scottee he's exploring who else has deleted, installed and then deleted again the apps. Both will be joined by award winning podcaster Scott Flasheart of Probably True fame who'll be recording their every move.

Matty will be using the apps to chat to folk about happiness, sex, community spirit, wellbeing, queer space, mental heath and the gorgey (and not so gorgey) hook ups, interactions and relationships made from the endless scroll. These interactions will be made into 9 x 5 minute episodes, each covering a different aspect of queer interaction with sexy digital space, aired on Hunt & Darton's Radio Local and shared across our digital space.

During our time in Manchester we're keen to meet local folk who use hook up apps for some face to face chats. Do you live in Manchester? Do you fancy having a chat, brew and bitch with us about your thoughts and feels? You'll need to be cute with being audio recorded and your stories being broadcast to this part of the internet that Scottee shouts from.

If so, contact

Bleeps + Bloops is part of Radio Local, commissioned by Hunt & Darton, part of Sick! Festival. Scottee is currently Associate Artist at HOME.


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