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Hey Babes,

I’m Matty May, Associate Director of Scottee & Friends Ltd.

Back in July, as part of Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local I spent a week living working and playing in Manchester, exploring the impact of apps like Grindr, Scruff, Tinder and Growlr on the LGBTQIA* community.

I’ve had a long and sometimes difficult relationship with these apps, so with the support of Scottee I spent a week using them to talk to people about everything from loneliness through to community.

Conversations happened on the apps as well as face to face discussions with some lovely local contributors who gave us their time. Scott Flashheart (Probably True podcast) was there to capture it all and we’ve created nine five minute sound pieces, each with a different theme.

We’ll be releasing a new one each Wednesday at 9am.

Today we’re starting with loneliness...

If you want to join the discussion you can share your thoughts using #BleepsAndBloops

Bleeps + Bloops is part of Radio Local, commissioned by Hunt & Darton, part of Sick! Festival.


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