The Queer Wall | Documentation

A word from our Associate Director, Matty May on the project they led in our home borough - Camden!

Hi Babes, This year I lead a Scottee & Friends project called ‘The Queer Wall’, based in and around Lismore Circus, focusing on queer representation, isolation and loneliness.

To have a large scale queer mural, designed & painted by Hannah Dickins (DiscoDickins) at the heart of an estate, knowing that hundreds of young people will pass it each day feels significant. Growing up the closest I got to queer representation was seeing two men kissing on Eastenders.

Warboy & Stuart composed a track, in response to the wall, with a live performance by Adam Perchant, Young King Nico and Lux Templar.

We shared this launch event with an amazing new community space, Mother at the Mosaic. A space for people to unite felt like the perfect home for a project that was about the power of us all coming together.

Massive thanks to all of the artists who came together for this queer occupation, Camden Alive and Camden Council!. You can check the wall out on the junction of Southampton Road and Mansfield Road NW5, Kentish Town, London.

All images by Simon Waller


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