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Hey Babes,

Matty May here, Associate Director of Scottee & Friends.

Back in the summer I spent a week in Manchester talking to people on dating and hook up apps, only this time Ingot to call it work.

I went into this project having had a complex relationship with these apps over the last ten years.

I had intimate and honest conversations with the people I spoke to and for me personally realised that the apps themselves weren’t the problem, it was what we were looking to fill a void (not that one) through interactions with our phone screen.

You can listen the nine sound pieces we made about the chats we had here...

If you want to join the discussion you can share your thoughts using #BleepsAndBloops

Bleeps + Bloops is part of Radio Local, commissioned by Hunt & Darton, part of Sick! Festival, produced by Scott Flashheart and Roxanne Carney


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