Hey Babes, Matty May here.

This afternoon I had a skype catch up with an artist who had just finished taking part in Notepad Warrior - our online workshop.. In these we chat about what sort of work the artist wants to make and it's themes.

The theme this artist was focusing on was loneliness. As we began to talk it through I felt myself become slightly choked. It was like a rush of emotions and a realisation of where we're at. Loneliness is something that we as a company talk about a lot, but to be talking about it today felt heightened, maybe a little too close for comfort.

What it did do though, is to serve as a reminder that over these next few however longs, we're really going to need each other. Whether it's through social media, Whatsapp voice notes or video calls, finding ways to be in contact in the absence of face to face connection is going to be one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves and each other.

Was that last bit a little bit Jerry Springer?

Take good care. Maybe this will help us all remember how much we need each other.


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