A word from our Associate Director, Matty May...

Well, this is all a bit weird aint it babes?

I keep finding myself wondering what the right way to feel and react is. What should I be doing? I keep thinking this, even though I know there isn't a wrong or a right.

We're all just trying to navigate this in the best way we can. All our lives have changed in some way, some of us more than others. Some of us it's work, some of us it's our living situations and some of us it's an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. Maybe it's all of the above.

Some of us are finding sense through making, through wanting to find a response to this situation.

Some of us are trying to get through each day, practicing some sort of self care and maybe some people just need to treat this as an opportunity where we can finally exhale, take a breath and reflect.

I'm trying to remember (with varying degrees of success) in every interaction, be it with family members, friends or colleagues, that we're all just here trying to do our best.

We don't have a rule book for this one, but I hope we can all start to find the way that works for us.


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