After the tone | Podcast

Between 2013 - 2015 I ran a podcast from me bedsit, made entirely off my phone. I think you lot know by now all my projects have some form of explicit interaction with its audiences. I don't see the point in making something if you aren't going to shift things - politically or emotionally or both. Participation is important to me - they people join in - not the awful audience interaction of getting someone up to do a dance, but something more consensual! 

After the Tone is a collection of voicemails and voice notes sent in from punters across the world, formed into a sort of late night radio show with me as the host. My friend and collaborator Debbie has been bugging me for a while to bring it back and so I am! 

The world and its mother have a podcast now so its going to take some work getting it back up to speed and, more importantly getting people to join in.  I've attached the number in case the mood takes you and you fancy dropping me a line OR you fancy sharing this with your gang of friends and helping spread the word beyond my backyard. 

Right, lets do this. Again.

Scottee. x


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