FAT BLOKES 2022 open call


Since 2018, five fat queer friends, who met as strangers, have been touring their award winning, five star grabbing, dance show about fitting into a world that says you’re too fat.

Since then, Fat Blokes company have completed two national tours, showed off at Edinburgh Fringe Festival grabbing the Total Theatre Judges Award and had international success with shows and residencies across Ireland and Brazil. During lockdown periods in England the Fat Blokes company made a 20 minute dance short reflecting on fat utopianism and are soon to release four new dance solo films on our new webspace... 🤫

In 2022 we will be touring the live show again! Since it was first made in 2018 our bodies, minds and perspectives have changed a lot - so we are updating the show!

We are looking for some new friends to come and join the gang - is that you?

Although the show is called Fat Blokes many of us don’t identify as blokes!

Here’s what we say in the show about that…

"The name ‘Fat Blokes’ is the slur thrown at us, not the name we identify as. On this stage, in our world, we greet each other with she, sister or they.”

We welcome applications from all gender and non-gendered identities!

Stage manager

This role is to support performers and technical stage manager to realise the show, as well as some on stage cues during the show.

(now filled)

Technical Stage manager

This role is to install the show in venues supported by the project manager and stage manager, including driving the van and operating the lighting, sound and video using an ETC Nomad/QLab set up.

How to apply

Please send an email expressing your interest, or reach out for more information. We also ask you to send us a little bit of information about yourself - what projects you've worked on, a link to something you’ve made or your portfolio. This can be submitted by film, audio, text, drawing - whatever works for you.

You'd need to be available on the following dates

Rehearsal Dates: Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th April.

25th & 26th April - Rehearsal room set up, with cast rehearsals at The Place London 27th April - Get-in to performance space at The Place. 28th April - Performance at The Place (with rehearsals in the day). Thursday 30th June - Get in at Chapter Arts Wales Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July - Performances at Chapter Arts in Wales 7th July - Get in at HOME Manchester 8th July - One performance at HOME Manchester - (this date may be subject to a slight change, I'm just waiting to hear back from the venue early this week and will confirm asap) Wednesday 13th - Get in at Derby Theatre Thursday 14th - Friday 15th July - Performances at Derby Theatre

28th July - Get in at Oxford Playhouse

29th July - Performance at Oxford Playhouse

Rates of Pay: £150/day x 12 days + £25/day per diems



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