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We've dared a bunch of drag queens, fat babes, theatre makers and weirdos who wanted to make something from isolation to create a short DIY film about whatever they want. Their dare is to make something under 10 minutes from the space they are isolating within 24 hours in exhange for a wedge of cash.

10 films from 10 artists living across the UK and Northern Ireland showing work about Tracey Emin, sinophobia, wanking, gender and HIV/AIDS. Artists include Craig Manson, Caitlin Kearns, Edalia Day, Eric McGill, Kripple Kween, Lady Kitt, Nathaniel J Hall, Paula Varjack, Tammy Reynolds and Tobi Poster-Su.


Home Video is part of the Room to Respond by Scottee & Friends Ltd. made possible by support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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