Local Gossip | February - March 2020

Local Gossip is back for 2020!

Matty May has lived in Essex for most of his life, and until fairly recently was oblivious to many of the artists, organisations and work that was going on around him locally. Similarly, Roxanne Carney moved back to Essex after 4 years of living elsewhere and wondered where her network of artists are and why there is a lack of visibility. Together they both want to understand the county's landscape, find solidarity and, most importantly vent frustrations!

Back in 2016, when Scottee & Friends relocated to Southend they set up Local Gossip as a way to meet and hear from local artists, makers facilitators and do-ers about their work. A chance to share knowledge and spread the goss.

After a break away we’re bringing it back for 2020 and reaching out further, hosting get togethers across South Essex throughout February and March.

Local Gossip is somewhere between a forum, coffee morning and therapy - your chance to meet other artists you usually only see when you’re drunk at a private view or on the internet when you’re on the stalk.

Southend | 6th February, 6pm-8pm | The Old Waterworks | North Road | SS0 7AB

Basildon | 19th February, 6pm-8pm | Eastgate Art Gallery | SS14 1EB

Barking | 5th March, 6pm-8pm | Studio 3 Arts Temporary Space, Unit 46 of The Vicarage Field Shopping Centre | IG11 8DQ

Leigh on Sea | 18th March, 6pm-8pm | Leigh Community Centre | Elm Road | SS9 1SP

Fancy it? RSVP - roxanne@scottee.co.uk

Matty and Roxanne held one of the Local Gossips in the Eastgate Art Gallery in Basildon. This was an informal meet up giving space to local artists to chat about the frustrations, loves and desires they experience within the arts sector in Basildon. Here's some footage about what Local Gossip means to them both.​

Credit: Claire Nolan


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