Notepad warrior is back!

Over 100 artists across 11 countries have participated in our notepad workshops - we're doing another round and you're invited to get involved! Notepad Warriors is an online workshop to help you channel your activisms creatively. Over four weeks you’ll be set assignments aimed at getting you making work with social and political clout. You’ll be sent a Notepad Warrior notepad, emailed weekly tasks that get your ideas onto paper, ready for the world. "There is so much provocation and challenge in it, and i reckon working on it is going to keep me busy for years, not just a few weeks" At the end of the process you’ll have the chance to have an online crit with our associate director, Matty to discuss your ideas and explore where to take them next, signposting you to other artists and organisations we think might be useful. You will not be asked to share your work with the world, unless you want to. How long you spend on each assignment is up to you. If you don't fancy completing that weeks tasks no one is going to tell you off. "I really enjoyed it, I have a ton of ideas to get started with" This course runs 14th May - 4th June 2020 Crits available the week commencing 8th June.

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