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Hiya babes!

It’s me Matty May.

Hope you're all doing alright and looking after yourself.

At this point in lock down I’ve had enough of video calls and porn so I’ve decided to have a little nose about in the Scottee & Friends archive.

I’m gonna share a few of my favourite videos from our YouTube. There's a load on there so if you find any faves DM me the link on our instagram (@scotteeandfriends).

The first one I chose is from back in 2014 for the project ‘Liam Gallagher is my Grandad’.

This project was all about Scottee turning his 77 year old Irish immigrant grandfather into a world renowned artist. There's more videos about this project that you can click through to, plus this one features Scottee in a gawjy tartan on tartan ensemble.

My second video is from Fat Blokes, a sort of dance show about flab, double chins and these five babes they’re attached too. In a time where fatphobia is rife it feels really joyful and much needed to watch them talk about the show they made and the gang they formed while doing it. I recommend listening to 'Standing In The Way Of Control' straight after and having a dance.

Last year for Bleeps and Bloops I spent a week living working and playing in Manchester, exploring the impact of apps like Grindr, Scruff, Tinder and Growlr on the LGBTQIA* community. I used the apps to talk about every thing from chems, to kindness and mental health. Here’s me and Scottee having a natter about what happened, plus a few dirty cackles.


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