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From Saturday 24th October 2020 the lovely people of Cambridge are invited to have a nose around Ross Street for Would Like to Meet!

Earlier this year we asked the good people of the city one question - after everything that had happened this year would you like to really get to know the people living next door? Hundreds of people came forward to nominate their street but we could only work with one!

Come down and check out our installation - a sea of estate agent style signs, painted with neighbours hobbies, politics and ambitions - each telling each other who they'd like to meet! Its a beautiful thing!

During the making process we sent our mate Scott Flashheart to create a couple of podcasts documenting Matty May and Toni Lewis as they got to know the residents of Ross Street (at a 2m distance, of course!)

The installation will be up for a few weeks so make sure you pop to it if you can! In a few weeks time the residents will be receiving dares to knock on neighbours they think they'd like to get to know! More on that soon!


Getting to Ross Street:

It's not hard - put it in that phone map of yours! The postcode is CB1 3BU

Ross Street is about a 15-20min stroll from Cambridge Station

Keep Your Distance, Babe!

You know the score, keep safe, sanitised and bring a mask just in case! Keep an eye on local guidance - we'll update this info accordingly!


Ross Street is a residential street with on street parking. The pavements in some areas can be uneaven. Nearest loo is in the local pub 'The Empress' just round the corner - pop in for one!


A massive thank you to the residents of Ross Street for being amazing and working with us! We hope you get to make some new pals at a metre distance through our exploits.

All Images by Holly Revell


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