World Obesity Day HACK - Day of Disruption

Scottee & Friends are instigating a day of fat digital activism across the world on 4th March - so called World Obesity Day 2021.

World Obesity Day is a non-profit global organisation with a total income of over £2.4m in 2019 alone. It seeks to cure fat people - in its activities, case studies and testimonies on their website they talk about fatties as an uneducated mass, individuals destroying the planet and ruining your unborn children's lives. Ironically for an organisation making millions off of anti-fat rhetoric its main messaging seems to be how fat people are a health risk to capitalism.

Along side this, us fatties have beef with the Tories. Government have continually ignored the hunger of our society's poorest children, providing health workers with substandard PPE, awarding millions of pounds worth of contracts to friends of friends (and withholding those contracts from the public) not to mention how it allowed the UK to have one of the highest death rates in the World - but it still found the time to create a smoke screen and scapegoat fat people. Last year, amidst mass unemployment, a record number of redundancies and an underfunded NHS having to self fund its survival the Government spent a reported £10 million blaming fat people for being fat - essentially telling fat people our impending death from Covid will be our own doing. This unfolds as our group chats fill with insecurities of lockdown weight gain and the noise from the diet industry galvanises and gets louder, bolder and uglier.

Joyce Division by Beau Blonde

We want to readdress some of the balance and demonstrate that not all fat people want to be fixed or cured, and importantly, not all of us are interested in what you think of our bodies or our choices.




All Day // Search #WorldObesityDayHACK Five of our favourite fat artists will be sitting on their fat arses all day serving you delicious content via our hashtag. Films, rants, lives, streams and thirsty nudes from Asad Ullah, Fatt Butcher, Gina Tonic, Katie Greenal and Afshan D’souza-Lodhi. Keep your eye out for our gang of influencers and agitators who will be revealing themselves throughout the day including Louise McSharry, Steven McKell + Joeley Bishop. Access: Captioning + Image Description Where Platforms + Artists Access Allows

2-5pm // Zoom Limited Capacity Grab a cuppa and a big slice of cake - Dr Phoebe Patey-Ferguson holds a fat salon, where fabulous fatties come to catch up and put the world to rights. Six very special guests will be gossiping and sharing joy — holding a cosy afternoon space for the pleasure of togetherness. Only 80 tickets available so booking is essential! First come, first served!


Access: Live Captioning

8pm // YouTube Live Stream Not Available After Screening Our infamous beauty pageant and talent show for fat people is back! Established in 2013 Hamburger Queen has seen over 70 fatties from across the world battle it out for the coveted title and crown! This year we’re inviting some of our favourite contestants, friends and baby fats to the party for a one night only digital event!

Hosted by Scottee featuring Le Gateau Chocolat, Crystal Rasmussen, Rubyyy Jones, Merrie Cherry, Greedy Mx Edie x Ross Anderson-Doherty, Joyce Division, Sam Buttery, Smashlyn Munroe, Marilyn Misandry, Prince of Persia + Bodiposipoet.


Access: Closed Captioning + Subtitles

Join Scottee + Anti Diet Riot Club for a post stream LIVE over on instagram! N.B This may contain (anti)diet chat and won't be captioned as Instagram Live doesn't currently enable it.

Phoebe Patey-Ferguson by Christa Holka

Why Don't You Join In On 4th March?

Fancy helping us redress the balance? Wanna have your say? Want to tell us about your body? Wanna watch-a-long with our mates? Jump onto the hashtag and join our internet penpals Ben Peachy, Ashleigh P Owen, Gez Mercer, Caitlin Kearns + Sarah Blanc - they can't wait to chat with ya.



Care Practices: Throughout the day you might see people attacking our team of fatties, you might spot ugly language and some ignorance before we get to it. All our artists creating live content have been briefed about our approach to care, are in group chat with Scottee & Friends team and each have been offered the space to offload the days and weeks after this event. We'll be pressing the block button on people who don't play nice cause this isn't a space for trolling and fatphobia. We'd love you to join us and join in as much as you feel comfortable - remember to take screen breaks, use the block button if needed and let us know if you feel we've missed hate dickheads who need removing.

Shout outs to: Scottee & Friends team: Scottee, Molly + Matty. Cat Prill on the socials, Alexander Innes on design, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson leading Fat Chat and all the artists, activists and instigators involved.

Fat Chat, Hamburger Queen and World Obesity Day hack activity is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Produced by Scottee & Friends Ltd with support from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.


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