Wrapping up 2021

Well well well, what a year pals. What have we been up to?

Camp round yours

We rolled in the year with our 5th annual NYE knees up- giving queers, weirdos and their Mums a NYE party to remember. We gave ten of you lucky lot your own part pack and it was a cracker, we had a right old knees up.

Poa em cena x fat blokes

The fat blokes teamed up Brazilian friends Poa Em Cena for a five day digital residency. Together, they produced some stunning work from their bedrooms. Archived on their Tiktok, and Instagram this collaborative work explored fat bodies, sexuality, dance and movement.

World Obesity Day

We instigated a day of fat digital activism across the globe on the 4th March, spotlighting World Obesity Day…across 24 hours we created art, held space for fat discussion, fat joy and fat anarchy.

The day encouraged the public to create over 500 pieces of individual content on #WorldObesityDayHACK and even more stunning fat bodies flooding the so called 'World Obesity Day' official channels.

Friday night fancy tea

After a shit 2020 and 2021 we wanted to give ten households a meal to remember. Chef Sam Ashton Booth created everything participants needed to make a slap up meal and we provided the entertainment.

The Fat Blokes

The fat blokes released “This Kind Body” their attempt to carve out a space in which their fatness isn't the cause of their death but the reason they survive.

RISK: Kerfuffle

This year we developed the first iteration of our queer circus cabaret show, RISK. Kerfuffle, saw our return to live performance this year. Artists delivered a new variety confessional, exploring at the relationship between risk in circus and the queer experience.

Artists created behind the scenes videos exploring their journey through the performance, you can see aerialist Danny Ash below, and check out our youtube for more.

We've loads of exciting stuff coming in 2022, keep your eyes peeled babes.





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