Scottee is an artist and writer that proudly has no formal education.

Scottee & Friends Ltd. as established to support and grow the work of Scottee by Executive Producer Molly Nicholson and Artistic Director Scottee, both have been working with each other since 2014 to create cabaret, circus, drag, live art, dance and theatre shows that have won awards, toured nationally and internationally and got really good reviews, babes.


The company now operates as a collective of artists, producers, makers and participants creating theatre, activism  and community projects.


Scottee's last solo show.

This one is for the

middle classes.


Risk is a collaboration between Scottee and

five circus artists. Together they are creating a

circus show about the risks the queer body

and circus body experience. It's less arty

than it sounds.

Development funded by

National Centre for Circus Arts


In collaboration with Travis Alabanza we

are exploring the between political activism,

public space and arts institutions.

Supported by Roundhouse




Broadcast, Writing, Presenting

and Public Speaking



Scottee & Friends Ltd
Artistic Director

Scottee & Friends Ltd
Executive Producer

Scottee & Friends Ltd

Associate Director

You can also find us on the 

apps and that. Search 'Scottee'





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